Cafe Section

Bokcafe AKA cafe pica is located at Forskarbacken 14. The place can be rented for private events and also have had a long history of organizing public events such as Open Mics and International dinners.

The place is well equipped with furniture, sound system, some lighting and a kitchen.

The rent for cafe pica is 1600 and has a deposition of 5000.

Address: Forskarbacken 14, Under the pre-school

Contact us on

Family room Section

The Family room is a small venue where you can have quiet get-togethers with your friends or family. The place is perfect for dinner parties, meetings, children’s birthday parties. The room is in a residential building and therefore loud parties are not allowed on the premises.  A maximum number of 20 people can use the place and there are tables and chairs that accommodate this amount of people. There is a small kitchen with stove plates and various kitchenware. We have an indoor shoes policy: you are welcome to use our slippers or please bring your indoor shoes. Contact at    

Film room Section

The Lappis Film Room is open for business! You can rent it out for a cozy movie night with your friends, or come by our periodic events, where we’ll show interesting movies and discuss afterwards (free popcorn included!). The booking page is, and you can contact our lovely film room team at if you have any questions or follow us on Facebook!

Address: Forskarbacken 10, Basement

Gym Section

We provide the residents of Lappkärrsberget with a cheap, well equipped and close by alternative. Two facilities are maintained and available to members. The main gym is situated in the stairways below the house caretaker office at Professorsslingan 13, and a cardio room offering plenty of open space and cardio machines is located in Forskarbacken 5.

For more information about the gym and on how to become a member visit us at

Kostnix Section

KOSTNIX is a non commercial store in the middle of Lappkärrsberget.


We collect and give away old things for absolutely free; furniture, clothes, electrical equipment, kitchen ware, toys, shoes and so on.


There is no money involved. Kostnix is run by volunteers and exists for the benefit of all of Lappis students.

We are always looking for volunteers. Whether you want to help fight consumerism or just come and hang out with us, you are more than welcome to stop by! Find us on Facebook!

Address: Professorsslingan 39, Basement
Opening hours: mondays from 20.00 to 22.00

Music Room Section

The Lappis Music Room is a rehearsal space for you and a band to enjoy as a tenant of lappis! 


In the room we have a drum set, lots of amps both big and small, a keyboard, 2 microphones and a PA system. Everything you need to hone your musical craft and get practicing for you next performance!


Membership is 300kr per 6 months, on top of a 400kr key deposit which is returned to you after you wish to revoke your membership. Opening hours between 10 and 21:30.


Booking is handled through our booking document once you have received your key. 


For more info about membership and keys, check out our Facebook group or email us at

Workshop Section

The workshop is a place for those who love practical hobbies and crafts. Here you can swing by to fix your bike, work of a carpentry project, or perhaps you’re into 3d-printing? We offer a wide range of possibilities, its only your creativity and laziness that sets the boundaries!

We hope that you will find your creative side and join us!

You can reach us at or follow us on Facebook!

Do not complain about the Swedish winter, live it!

Sauna Section

Mysigt! Lappis offers to all the residents the use of its own local sauna with a traditional wooden sauna. The sauna can accommodate eight people but it is more comfortable if you only 4 or 5. A dressing room and hot showers are available. You will enjoy the sauna with your friends in total peace, because the electronic key system guarantees an exclusive access to the locals during a whole day. The thermic elements are easy to operate and all necessary rules and instructions are posted in the local. We will also show you how it works when you come to get the access key. The service is free, just follow the procedure below, AND READ THE RULES.


Send a mail to

You will find the sauna local in Forskarbacken 5, (hi-tech karta,karta). The entrance door is on the North West side of the building facing the wood. NOTICE: After 22:00 the key is deactivated, so make sure you enter before that time!

Please note that the use of the sauna is at your own risk!

The Lappis Tenants Association (LOM) is not responsible for any type of injuries that could occur during your sauna session.  We therefore, remember you to be careful and, we wish you a great relaxing time in the sauna.

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