Lappkärrsbergets områdesförening (LOm) is the tenant association of Lappis. Our purpose is to act as a mediator between the Lappis tenants and SSSB regarding everything that relates to our living situation. Other than that we are also tasked with managing facilities around Lappis that are used for events and some can be gained access to by all Lappis tenants.


LOm is organized in sections that are themselves often bound to a certain facility that they manage. These sections are spread out all around Lappis and they offer a variety of activities and services. For more information we refer you to our Sections-tab in the menu.


Our board consists of each section chairman in addition to the chairman of the board, the vice chairman, the treasurer and the secretary. Right now the board consists of 8 members, which also correspond to our 8 sections.


In you have any questions or want to get in touch with the board we encourage you to contact us on info@lom.nu or follow us on Facebook!